Located in a remote valley in the uplands of Bahia Brazil there is an agro-ecological farm surrounded by indigenous forests, palm groves and mountains. And nestled in the centre of this paradisiacal wilderness is the Bistrô da Onça. The owners, Carlos and Jeff, run this small and intimate vegetarian restaurant and offer up healthy and delicious cuisine made with organic produce grown on their own farm.

Their winning combination of dogged commitment to quality and laid back attitude, allows them to receive guests like old friends coming over for a special occasion.

Planning the menu at the Bistrô da Onça starts long before the cooking is even thought about. This is a bona fide soil to plate operation where the dishes are conceived months ahead when seeds germinate and are carefully planted on the farm. The fixed lunch menu consists of five different dishes from appetizer through dessert, the courses gently paced allowing a full appreciation of this wholesome and unique cuisine. Read more… 

The Space

Integral to the concept of the Bistrô de Onça is the building itself. Though designed by Estudio Aldabe from Buenos Aires, the hands on work was mainly done by Jeffrey and Carlos themselves – withsome help from local builders. It’s an eco-construction built from adobe bricks made from on-site clay and stones and topped off with a green roof. All designed to blend in with the colors and textures of the landscape.

Conceived as a modern and rustic loft, the building has large windows facing the stunning Serra do Sincorá mountains. The Bistrô’s open plan dining area extends organically into the kitchen, communicating a feeling of intimacy and transparency, two key values of the project.

The proposal of the interior design was to reflect both the natural scenery with the owners eclectic and international tastes. Antique restored furniture contrast with and yet complement custom made pieces that were built on site. The Bistrô’s culinary creations arrive from the kitchen in old porcelain dishware passed down through family generations, and finally on to you, the latest addition to the Bistrô’s family! 



Carlos Uanini

“It’s here at Bistrô da Onça where my different life experiences and activities have come together to give shape to this project. My education is in Agronomy, and paired with a deep love for nature, and other activities such as theater, design, gastronomy and yoga have all contributed to this undertaking. Aside from acquiring knowledge, what’s most important to me is learning through observation, practice and experience. Here on the ground, the techniques of permaculture, agro-forestry and biodynamics, as well as those in the field of cooking are part of my daily research and experience: a farmer and a cook in balance with nature." Read more...

Jeff Somaio

“The idea of transformation always guided my path in life. When I photograph, I know that I’m capturing a magical instant in image. At the kitchen, food becomes expression and sensation. At the Bistrô da Onça, I learn daily the art of transmutation and improvement, either through the recovery of the environment around our premises, or by the satisfaction we leave in our clients through care and details. If on one hand there are these transformative actions, on the other there is the daily observation, balancing the extremes, repose and movement.” Read more...



Edvaldo de Jesus Souza started to work at Bistrô da Onça right after the beginning of the project in 2010. He had already studied agriculture and livestock farming at the Ceteb in Mucugé/ Bahia and here at the farm he performs many diverse tasks. Along all these years he’s been able to learn and put in practice other techniques of organic gardening, understanding the systemic vision of how the organic production at Bistrô da Onça works. Along the many contributions that he brings to the Bistrô, it’s worth highlighting those that come from his knowledge of the region’s nature, since he is native to the Chapada Diamantina and knows the local traditions of seeding and harvesting.